Ervin Lendler
VP Marketing

Ervin is a well experienced agronomist. He is an expert in many fields – plant protection, post- harvest technologies, and more. Ervin has been working with Yosef's Farm for many years. He earned his Master Degree in Business Administration, and specialized in Marketing. Ervin is managing the international marketing of Yosef's farm Products.


Efraim Yosef
Founder CEO

Efraim, the son of Yosef Shalom, was born into agriculture and field work. He worked with his father since childhood. After serving in the army, he went back to working in the family farm, while specializing in strawberry cultivation. At the end of 1980 growing strawberries became his main specialty. At the beginning of 2000 he started his breeding program and now the company has seven registered varieties and a wide range of genetic material to continue the successful breeding program.

Asaf Maysels

Asaf began his career in Hishtil. After earning his Bachelor degree in Plant Sciences at the Bar Ilan University he joined Yosef’s Farm in 2005.

 Asaf achieved his Master degree under the supervision of Dr. Nir Dai in  the Volcani Center, on the effect of chilling on flowering precocity in different varieties of strawberries.  Asaf is currently managing the company's breeding program.