Integrated Pest Management

The strawberry we produce is grown using biological control and IPM – Integrated Pest Management. IPM is an advanced method which harnesses natural means for of pest control while lowering the use of chemical pest agents to a minimum. The method enables farmers to deliver first class, healthier strawberries to the market. With IPM, farmers use a variety of beneficial insects (such as Mites and Aphid Parasite type wasps) which attack a wide array of pests. Thus, traditional employment of chemical agents are minimized and used only when necessary. In most cases, IPM is sufficient and farmers do not need to take any further action.

The strawberry fields are visited and monitored once a week by a qualified and experienced inspector in order to determine whether or not IPM is sufficient. In rare cases when IPM needs to be combined with traditional chemical agents, the inspector will guide the farmer on the appropriate use of such agents in accordance with Global G.A.P. rigorous standards. Yosef’s Farm is Global G.A.P. certified and therefore obliged to meet all safety and quality standards in force.

Finally, strawberries are regularly monitored and tested for chemical agents’ remnants, year round, in order to assure that the strawberries meet the standards of both local and international markets.