Crossbreeding Between Strawberry Variety

Strawberry crossbreeding are conducted between distant varieties, originated from different places around the world. In order to have a successful crossbreeding, cultivators must clearly define what are the qualities they wish to achieve in the new breed.

Sowing and Sprouting

Seeds created as a result of the crossbreeding process are pealed out of the fruit’s shell and undergo through a special treatment aimed to accelerate sprouting. Seeds are sown in early summer.

Seedlings Cultivation

The sprouted seeds are placed in trays, then go through a hardening process to be ready for replanting in bulks during September.

Field Selection Process

Planted seedlings are being put under continuous monitoring – initially as disparate plants, and later on in groups, once the most superb plants have been designated and separated from the others. Desired qualities sought after in the strawberry cultivation process are: high yield, disease endurance, fruit quality (shape, color, taste, texture, volume, sugar level, acidity) and more